MagicBase® Pro 4 Version History
MBP 4.0.8 - July 25, 2015.
   Added Show Time field to Events form view.
   Added Show History portal to Events form view
   Added 2 tabs to Events form view: Events History & Events & Shows history
   Set selector button to set one of those 2 tabs as default, always displayed
   Enlarged button on Events History portal and Shows/Events History portal so that entire line is button.
   Set Shows History portal line as button that jumps to selected Show on Shows tab
   Fixed ‘Update fr MBP3’ script so that button G works

MBP 4.0.7 - July 20, 2015.
   Tool types for Customer type changed to ‘Search for Customer types’
   Tool types for Misc Cust List type changed to ‘Search for Misc Cust List’
   Tool types for Event Name changed to ‘Search for Event Names’
   Tool types for Show type changed to ‘Search for Show types’
   Tool types for Audience type changed to ‘Search for Audience types’
   Set Trick Type field so it can be entered in Find Mode
   Set ’Show All’ button on Routines tab so it works
   Set Photo field in Performances and Collectors routines to accept video
   Changed the Update fr MBP3 scripts and layouts to adjust for uploading files and manually converting to fmp12 format.
   Added day timer on Registration splash screen to show # of days left.
   Changed Prefs/Tutorials to Prefs/Videos & changed URL it opens

MBP 4.0.6 - July 1, 2015.   Released for the first time at the S.A.M. Convention in Philadelphia