Get all these integrated features and benefits now:   

• Track customers for life
• Track multi-date events
• Record all show details
• Categorize & sub-divide customers in many ways
• Use pre-planned reminders to stay on track   View 5 Minute Checklist report for an actual customer
• Easily communicate with clients with email
• Easily print contracts merged with customer data
• Assign customers to multiple newsletters
• Maintain regular contact using printed newsletters
• Plan ad campaigns
• Print contracts, envelopes, referral request letters...
• Always know how much money you're earning
• Generate repeat bookings
• Prospect for new customers

• Any number of customers, events, shows and tricks
• Trick List of every routine
• Collector's Inventory
• Complete Event History
• Point and Click Show Planner
• Targeted Marketing Planner
• Dozens of printed reports
• Form and List view for Customers, Events, Shows, Routines, Marketing, and Reports
• Digital file folders to link to other files on your computer
• Digital photo frames for customers and tricks
• Complete communication history
• Customizable Date View
• Customized "Favorite Dealers" list
• Importing and Exporting
This program will pay for itself!
6 Month Guarantee!  
BUY Authorization Code for Planner = $150
(Upgrade later to the Pro Level for $100)
BUY Authorization Code for digital download = $250
MagicBase® Mobile is included.
Import Wizard is included.

BUY Authorization Code for Upgrade from MBP3 to MagicBase® Pro 4 = $50
Includes MagicBase Mobile and Import Wizard.

BUY Authorization Code for MagicBase Mobile = $10
Only for iOS products because MagicBase® Mobile is a Filemaker file that runs on the free Filemaker Go app.
Filemaker is owned by Apple.

Dual-System License Add-on
Buy dual license authorization to run 2 MBPs on 2 different computer OS at once = $10.