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MBP 4 To be released July 2015        MBP4 Music Video
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Benefits Videos: Why should you consider investing in MagicBase® Pro Integrated Marketing Software?

Benefit: Get Repeat

(QT 5 MB   1 Min.)(flash)

Overview Videos: Brief descriptions of the fields and buttons on each screen
6 Main Tabs Overview
(QT. 7 MB)

Customers Screen Overview
(QT. 10 MB)

Events Screen - Form View
(QT. 8.5 MB)

All Events Screen

(QT. 14 MB)

(You Tube)

Reports Screen
(QT. 7.2 MB)

Preferences Screen
(QT. 10.1 MB)
Date Selector - Mac
(QT. 0.5 MB)
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See Instructional videos below...
Instructional Videos: How to accomplish specific goals and tasks - Organized by Screen Functions
How to Unlock and Register MagicBase® Pro (small) (YouTube)
Updating & Importing
How to update to a new MBP version
How to update old MB2.x file to MB2.6  
If you're using an old version of MB that is not 2.6, then you need to run the 2.6 updater to bring your files into 2.6 BEFORE you upgrade to 3.0. (Unless you don't want to transfer old data...) (Note: MB 2.6 WILL NOT run unders Windows 7.)
  What to do BEFORE you Import or Update  (QT)
How to Import Excel Files     (YouTube)
Import Wizard: First Step: How to do Field Mapping     (YouTube)    Read Instructions (.pdf)
  Import Wizard Instructions - Part 1 (YouTube)     Read Instructions (.pdf)
  Import Wizard Instructions - Part 2     (YouTube)    Read Instructions (.pdf)
Customers Screen
How to Categorize Customers (YouTube)
How to Assign Customers to Targeted Newsletters (QT 47 MB)
Using the Copy To Action Set Menu Command    (YouTube)   (New in version 3.0.8)
Events Screen
 How to use Event Actions Reminders  (QT 8.7 MB)
How to Select a Date Range (QT 71 MB) small (8 MB)
Shows Screen
How to use the Show Planner   (QT 15 MB)      (YouTube)
Creating A Show Plan Fast with Standard Shows Planner
Selecting and Modifying a Standard Show     (YouTube)
Routines Screen
How to use the Insert Photo feature (8 MB) (YouTube)
Reports Screen
  How to print External Envelope Notes (QT 8 MB)
 How to use FlexContract Creator  Part 1    
 Inserting Multiple Shows in the FlexContract  (.mp4)
 How to use FlexLetterhead 3
 How to print Mailing Labels (QT 16MB)
How to print Envelopes (QT 35 MB)   small (QT 5 MB)
Marketing Screen
 How to do Time-Targeted Marketing with the All Events Screen (QT 8.8 MB)
 How to do Time-Targeted Marketing with the T.M. Wizard  (QT 16.2 MB)
Making Money with MagicBase Pro - video series
     1. How to do Bulk Mail with mail-merge       Related: Categorize Customers   Envelope Notes   FlexLetter 3   Envelopes
     2. How to do Bulk eMails            Related:    All Events Screen Marketing     T.M. Wizard
     3. How to Add Groups to a Marketing Plan   
     4. How to Import from Other Databases And Add Un-Defined Fields   Related: Importing Excel   Import Wizard
   Cloning Multiple Events
   Using the Smart Search Field

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