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New Features of Version 3.0.8

Version 3.0.8 of MagicBase Pro has many new visible features and many behind-the-scenes improvements.
You can download a two page file that gives a short description of the 12 major improvements here...
This page demonstrates 12 of the most significant features that have been added or improved.

1. Standard Shows

   Standard Shows are defined as those Show Plans that you re-use for many different events. You probably have a set show plan for your children's shows, and another for your corporate shows. Although planning a show is as easy as clicking to select the routines, it would be better and faster to just have the ability to save Show Plans under any custom name and just select the entire plan at once. That is what Standard Shows screen does for you. View the Standard Shows video...

2. Copy to Action Set

copy to action set menu
   There may be times when you have a Current Action Set (a set of records that were the result of a search) in which you would like to add some data to every record. Maybe you just did a mailer to these customers; Or you've selected them as your Top 100 List; or they are customers that you just imported today and you want to make a note of what database they came from. Whatever the reason is, now you can quickly add the same data to the same field of each record using the Copy to Action Set menu command. View the Copy To Action Set video...

See page 94 of the Users Guide for more information...

3. Font Locking for Data Pasting

Font Lock
Do you ever copy data from web pages into MBP?
If so, then you know that MBP will retain the formatting (font style, color and size) of the data that you paste in. This can lead to your database looking like a patchwork of different colors and styles.

When Font Locking is engaged, anything that you paste into the main data entry fields will automatically re-format to match your chosen font style, color and size, (as listed in Preferences.) See page 103 of the Users Guide for more information...


4. Match All Fonts
What if you’ve already pasted lots of data into your MBP files, and you have hundreds of records that currently look like a patchwork of different styles? Then, use the ‘Match All Fonts’ command. Your data will be cleaned up in seconds.
• You choose the Font, Style, Color and Size.
• Will work on the selected Action Set, so you can just choose what records you want re-formatted.

Default Fonts
The Field Default Fonts Selector is found on the Preferences Screen, under the Other tab. This selector controls both the Font Locking control and the Match All Fonts menu command. These are the controls:

Lock Font Style - Select 'Yes' or 'No'
Default Font - You must type in the name of the font you want to use.
Sample - Displays the selected font.

5. Search on Date Created field:

Creation Date

When a record is created the date creation is automatically entered. This useful field will inform you of how long you've had a customer's name in your database. You may want to do a search for customers that you've had a relationship with for a long time. Or you may want to search for customers that have been imported on a certain date. Previously this field was not searchable.

6. Unlimited Number of Shows on the Flex Contract

Previously, only the first show was automatically entered into the FlexContract. Addtional shows had to be manually typed in. Now, all of the Shows that are part of an Event will appear on the FlexContract. Each of the merge fields relating to the Show Description will have a side by side display of the data:

"Show Name: ShowName1 -- ShowName2"
"Show Times: ShowTime1 -- ShowTime2"

Watch the FlexContract Overview video...         Watch the How To Use The FlexContract video...

7. Print to Email for Standard Contract and Referral Form

You can now send your Standard Contract as a pre-typed email. Previously the only way to email a contract was as an attachment. Now the content of the Standard Contract will become the body of your email letter. Once your email program opens and inserts the contract, you may edit and format is as you wish before sending it. See page 58 of the Users Guide for a complete description.

8. Rapid Cloning button

Clone button   The CLONE button has been part of MBP since the beginning. It allows you to quickly duplicate any Customer, Event, or Show record. Since the resulting copy looks exactly like the original, it was impossible to tell that you were now lookin at a duplicate. That is why a dialogue box also appears to inform you of that fact. The double underline indicates that holding down the Shift key will suppress that dialogue box. This feature is most useful when you're creating shows for repeating gigs like a weekly restaurant show. Just hold down the shift key, and everytime that you click on clone, you'll create another copy. See the video about Cloning Duplicate Events...

9. Search WITHIN a Current Action Set
FIND button   Usually whenever you do a search, it will start with your entire customer records. Now, if you hold down the Shift key when you click on FIND button, your search will start with whatever your current Action Set is. This allows you to search, and then narrow the search even further.

10. Invoice Contract w/ Coupons


An Invoice details all of the financial payments and discounts.

There is a customizable notes field for you to type in anything that you want before printing.
The coupon is completely customizable.
Enter the discount amount either as a dollar amount or as a percentage.
And you may type in any instructions.
You can also add a coupon code that you can assign to a customer or an ad campaign to track coupon results, and as a security measure.

11. Income by City Summary Report

See all of your income divided out by the city in which it was earned.
It’s a summary report that is easy to read.

12. Import Wizard     - See videos about the Import Wizard

Importing data from one database to another can be a tedious and time-consuming process. And, many times, the results aren't perfect because there is never a one to one correspondence between the fields on the old database and the fields on the new one.

The Import Wizard makes importing data from another source as easy as it can be:
Allows Field Matching - This means that you just click to select the Source field, and then click to select the Target field.

Adding or Dividing data between fields - This allows you to split data from one field and insert it into two; or to combine two fields into one. For example, if your source database has the customer name divided into a first name and last name fields, you could combine them into one field using the Import Wizard. Likewise, if your source data had, for example, the City and State data saved in the same field, you could separate them into different fields.

Adding Constant Data to any fields - You can add the same data into a field of every record that you import. This could be useful for identifying this set of records in some way.

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