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5/31/15 - New MBP4 video about two different ways to select shows to export to calendar Calendar Export and CAS

5/30/15 - New (silent) 1 min. video about MagicBase Pro 3 & 4 Font Locking feature

5/8/15 - New video about MagicBase Pro 3 & 4 How to Use the Copy to Action Set Menu Command

5/5/15 - New video about upcoming MBP4 Music Video about MagicBase Pro 4

3/2/15 - New Video New Bulk eMail Features

2/8/15 - New Blog Post Marketing to your own Customers with MagicBase Pro

2/2/15 - New video for MBP 4.0: How to Upgrade from MBP3 to MBP4 (4.5 mins) Here's the YouTube link: http://youtu.be/iUN-ZmabG9k

1/30/15 - MagicBase 4.0 News - New instructional video for MBP 4.0: How to Create SavedSets (2.5mins) Here's the YouTube link: http://youtu.be/O-onCjt5pHU

10/04/14 - MagicBase 4.0 News - We are working feverishly to get the major upgrade completed for 2015. So far, here are new additions and improvements to MagicBase Pro:
[_] Fixed the persnickety bug that was making it difficult to Authorize your software. It was just too picky. Fixed it so that you don't have to download a pristine copy again to unlock it with your Authorization code.
[_] Pop-Up Reminders!! This took weeks to code. Reminders are time based and will appear in the notification window any number of days before or after an event.
There are two types of reminders: 1) General pop-up reminders that appear whenever MBP starts, to notify you of all events. 2) Event specific reminders. Go to the event and see what actions need to be completed yet.
And there are no limits. Make as many reminders as you want. They are all completely customizable! Yeah!
[_] Context Sensitive Help Guide - No need to go online. Click Help button and the guide will open to the relevant page.

1/18/14 - Authorization Code Request Fee - We get many requests for users to re-send the Authorization Code, which we have always done for free. But this does not encourage our users to keep track of their own codes. So, we are now instituting a $5 fee for Authorization Code requests. Payment will be made through PayPal.

11/30/13 - Tech Support Prices: Ever since we started selling MagicBase in 2003, we have never charged for Tech Support, although we have always advertised "6 Months of Free Tech Support". Because the MB community is getting so big, we need to charge a $20/incident fee after the first 6 months of ownership. A per incident fee means that you are only charged once when the problem is initiated, no matter how many phone calls it takes. Payments will be made through PayPal, as a first choice, and by credit card as an alternative payment option.

3/14/13 - New video uploaded: The Customer Card report

12/7/2012 - Special sale until Dec. 31st, MBP for $170 plus a free Relentless Ring & String DVD.

11/25/2012 - New Video: "How to Categorize Customers". This video replaces an older one. Learn How and Why to Categorize customers. Found on YouTube here....

6/3/12 - New Video: "Inserting Multiple Shows into FlexContract. This advanced video shows how to edit a FlexContract and how the multiple shows feature is automatically included in the new FlexContract of version 2012.

5/5/12 - New video: "How to Update to a New MBP Version".

5/4/12 - May The Fourth be with you... The newest update to MBP is released today. Get it at Facebook.com/magicbasepro
Read about the new features here...

4/17/12 - Another video: Plan Shows Fast with the Standard Shows Planner has been added to the Videos page.

4/17/12 - New video about a MBP Benefit: The Marketing Tab, has been added to video page and YouTube.

4/17/12 - New video about using MBP to track your Magic Collectors tricks has been added to YouTube.

4/16/12 - New video about the new Standard Shows Creator has been added to video page and YouTube.

3/7/12 - New video: "Using the Copy To Action Set menu command"

2/19/12 - See the latest updates to MBP. Download the 2 page description here...
1/27/12 - New video: "Standard Shows Overview 1" has been added to the Videos page.
12/21/11 - To keep up to date on the latest MBP News, go to http://www.facebook.com/magicbasepro, and LIKE us. It's also a good way to network with other MBP users.
11/11/10 - MagicBase® is now an officially recognized Trademark. See TradeMark registration...
10/20/10- Linking Ring reviewed MagicBase Pro and gave it a "Highly Recommended" rating. Read the full review here...
10/5/10- New videos posted within the last month:
   - 3 new Benefits videos: "Target Customers by Category", "Magic Collections", "Communication History"
   - 1 new video in the Making Money with MagicBase Pro series: "How to Add Groups to a Marketing Plan"
   - 1 new Tips video: "Using the Smart Search Field"

8/18/10 - See latest ad to be published in the Oct issue of MAGIC magazine.
2/11/2010 - New Demo and new Update posted: Version 3.0.7.   What's new? (.pdf)
2/4/2010 - New video posted: How to Use the Show Planner
2/1/2010 - The new Import Wizard free utility is available for download on the Resources page...
1/20/2010 - Just posted: Information about the upcoming Import Wizard, a free utility to help modify data fields during the
  import process. It can be used for any database, not just MagicBase Pro. See the new Instructions and Videos.
1/19/2010 - Just posted: New video "All Events Screen Overview"
1/1/2010 - Just posted: MagicBase Pro version 3.0.6 for Mac and PC   & What's New in version 3.0.6 (.pdf)
12/22/09 - Just posted: New Users Guide for version 3.0.6
The new MBP version will be posted in a matter of days...

New Features in 3.0.6:

7/3/09 - Just posted: MUM Magazine Review by Dan Garrett
5/21/09 - New video added: The 2nd video in the 'Making Money' series: 'How to do Bulk eMails'.
5/16/09 - New videos added: Instructional video "How to use the FlexLetter 3", and the first in the 'Making Money with MBP' video series 'Bulk Mail'.
1/2/09 - Call for Reviews: You could be in a magazine ad. Send us your reviews...
11/27/08 - New update (version 3.0.5) posted   &  New Users Guide Posted
11/23/08 - New video "How to Print External Envelope Notes"
11/22/08 - New video: "How to Register & Unlock MBP"
9/19/08 - New Users Guide (3.0.4) posted.
9/4/08 - New version (3.0.4) posted.
8/25/08 - New article posted "Creating Reminders" on the Tutorials page.
8/13/08 - New Users Guide posted for version 3.0.3
8/9/08 - New videos posted: "How to print Envelopes" & "How to select a date Range"
8/5/08 - Version 3.0.3 is posted online. Improved performance and features.
7/31/08 - MBP was released for sale for the first time at the combined IBM/SAM convention in Louisville, KY, which was 7/20 -7/27. In the last week, we've received many orders from magicians and dealers. And we've also received several requests for customized versions for re-sale. We're very pleased at the reception we're getting on this new product. Magicians are very excited about all of the power available in this program. The current version is 3.0.2. In a couple of weeks, version 3.0.3 will be released.
7/17/08 - MBP is ready for sale! and Free demo is available for download here...
7/14/08 - Latest version of Users Guide (v.3.0.1) is posted on Downloads page.
6/6/2008 - MagicBase Pro is being tested now. It will be released on July 20, 2008 at the combined IBM/SAM Convention in Louisville, KT.

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