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Frequently Asked Questions:

  Q: Is any other software needed to run MagicBase® Pro Integrated Marketing Software?
  A: No. MagicBase® Pro is stand-alone software. You don't even need a word-processing program because MBP has built-in
       contracts, letterhead, thank-you cards, labels and envelope printing.

  Q: Is any other software needed to run MagicBase® Mobile?
  A: Yes. MagicBase® Mobile is a Filemaker program. To run it on your iPhone, you need the free Filemaker Go app or,
       to run it on your Mac, you need, at least, the free demo of MagicBase Pro.
      The paid MB mobile + the free demo of MB Pro will enable importing of spreadsheet files.
      And the paid version of MB mobile + the paid version of MB Pro will allow data transfer from MB Pro to MB Mobile.

  Q: What systems does this work on?
  A: For MagicBase Pro: Macintosh® 10.2 and higher. Windows® XP, and Windows Vista®, Windows 7* (see notes on 7),
       and Windows 8.
       For MagicBase Mobile: Only Mac. Filemaker Go (owned by Apple) is only compatible with Macs.

  Q: I have both Windows and Mac. Can I run MagicBase Pro on both?
  A: The Installation CD is a hybrid disc that contains files for both Mac and PC. But the Mac version
       won't run on the PC, and the PC version won't run on the Mac. Also, the license agreement specifies that MBP can only
       be installed on 1 computer at a time. However, if you switch computer systems, you can transfer the data from one system
       format to another using the Export and Import features. (Click here for info on dual-systems licensing...)

  Q: How do I transfer MagicBase® Pro from my desktop to my laptop computer?
  A: Copy the entire MagicBase Pro folder to the other computer (using a flash drive). Then copy it back when you're
       done and write over the old copy of MagcBase Pro. You will always have one copy that is your "active" copy with
       your most up to date data. Also, your copies on the flash drive and the other computer will serve as back-ups.
  Q: Does MBP network with multiple computers at once?
  A: No. You may install it on a central server, but it can only be accessed by one user at a time. It would be a remote
       application, installed on one computer, and accessed from another computer.

  Q: What about updates?
  A: All updates* are free. For example, MagicBase® Pro 3 had several free updates from 3.0 to 3.0.8
       Registered users of MagicBase® Pro will be eligible for all free updates. And the update process is very easy.
       All of your data stays intact and is transferred during the update process.
      *Updates are incremental improvements, unlike upgrades which are major improvements to the software.

  Q: What about upgrading from MBP 3.0 to MBP 4.0?
  A: There is an upgrade fee that is less than the full price of MBP. All current users of MBP 3.x will get a $200 credit
       toward the purchase price of MBP 4.0.

  Q: How do current users of MagicBase® Pro move up to MBP 4.0?
  A: There is an upgrader built in to MBP4.
       It's visual and easy.

  Q: What about help using the program?
  A: First, MBP is very easy to use. Only the advanced features may need some explanation.
       Second, all registered users are eligible for free Tech Support for two months.
       Third, there is a very detailed build-in Users Guide.
       Fourth, there is a link to the Tutorials screen built into MBP.
       Fifth, there are many instructional videos online.

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